TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are officially taking their family (and dance moves) to rival video-sharing app, Triller.

“We couldn’t be more proud to welcome the D’Amelio family to the Triller family with open arms,” Triller’s Executive Chairman and Owner, Bobby Sarnevesht, said in a press release on Tuesday, September 15. “They are an incredibly multi-faceted and talented family who have already been invaluable to us. We look forward to fully integrating them to make sure their voice is incorporated into the Triller app.”

Charli, 16, and Dixie, 19, will join fellow influencers and former Sway House members Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson and Noah Beck, who were announced as part of Triller’s executive team in June. Similarly to TikTok, Triller allows users to choose a song, record video clips and ultimately create an entire “celebrity-quality” music video.

“My family and I recently met with the Triller team to sample some of their advanced technology and features they will soon be rolling out. Our family is looking forward to sharing our own exciting and unique content utilizing these features as another fun platform to engage with our followers and fans on,” Charli and Dixie’s dad, Marc D’Amelio, said in a press release.

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This announcement came hours after Charli hosted an Instagram Live on Monday, September 14, and responded to fans who accused her of not social distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“I am being safe,” the social media star assured fans, according to clips that were reposted online. “Before I do anything, I get a rapid test to make sure that I’m not being unsafe with what I’m doing, because I obviously do care about everyone. Outside dinners in California [are] also something that everyone is allowed to do, and if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be going. I make sure I wear my mask when I walk in. I eat, I don’t have my mask on. I leave, I put my mask back on, so I make sure I’m being safe. Throughout this, I’ve been getting tests at least once a week and wearing masks whenever I’m out.”

She continued, “But I do appreciate you guys for holding me accountable.”

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