TikTok star Charli D’Amelio decided it was time to make a change! Yep, the influencer revealed on Friday, July 17, that she had gotten surgery on her nose. She went under the knife to fix a breathing problem that she developed last year, which was stopping her from participating in dance classes.

Taking to the video sharing app, the social media star shared a video that contained clips of her preparing for the surgery, and some from while she was healing in the hospital afterwards. She captioned it, “Surgery is done and I am so beyond excited that I was finally able to fix my breathing! And soon I will be able to be in dance classes again!”


surgery is done and i am so beyond excited that i was finally able to fix my breathing!!!!! and soon i will be able to be in dance classes again!!! 💕

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She also shared a video of herself showing off the bandages on her face.



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Back in April, the dancer first opened up about her breathing problems on Twitter.

“Fun story time, so I broke my nose in August and ever since then I have had breathing problems in my right nostril,” she wrote. I was supposed to have surgery in November to fix it, but then I started having problems in my left nostril and now I can barley breathe out of my nose at all.”

We’re so glad the problem is finally fixed! As fans know, this came just days after Charli and her sister, Dixie, spilled all the tea on their upcoming reality show. Yep, get ready to see them like never before because they confirmed that something “was in the works.”

“We definitely hope so, and there are some things in the works. I’m just excited for people to see more of our family dynamic — that’s really what makes us who we are,” Charli told Cosmopolitan. “We are super close as a family, so that’s something I’d love to bring more light to and just have fun with it. That would be exciting, and I really hope it does happen.”

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