Get ready, you guys, because Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are teaming up with Morphe to launch their very own makeup line!

According to Allure, the new line is called Morphe 2 and it “invites all individuals to celebrate their varying relationships with skin care, makeup, and beauty. It aims to redefine the way makeup is marketed to young people.”

Charli told the outlet, “With Morphe, we’re working together to show that you are beautiful with or without makeup. I want people to wear as little or as much as they want and feel confident.”

The brand includes six types of products, including foundation (that comes in 20 different shades), jelly eye shimmers, glossy lip oils and so much more.

Dixie explained to the mag that she hoped Morphe 2 will “empower and unite young people and ignite self-acceptance.”

“We also want to continue to spread positivity and happiness. I’m the most confident when I’m around people who support me and this line is about bringing people together and doing exactly that,” she continued. “We don’t hide anything on TikTok and this line feels very aligned with what we stand for. We want to show that blemishes and acne are okay. I love how natural, fun, glowy and fresh Morphe 2 is.”

Charli added, “It’s so important, especially for teen girls to have access to a brand like this. I love that Morphe 2 can be both colorful and fun but also natural and affordable.”

We seriously cannot wait for this! As fans know, the exciting announcement comes just weeks after the sisters spilled all the tea on their upcoming reality show. Yep, get ready to see them like never before because they confirmed that something “was in the works.”

“We definitely hope so, and there are some things in the works. I’m just excited for people to see more of our family dynamic — that’s really what makes us who we are,” the TikTok star told Cosmopolitan. “We are super close as a family, so that’s something I’d love to bring more light to and just have fun with it. That would be exciting, and I really hope it does happen.”

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