Charlie Puth might be oh so happy in love with a mystery girlfriend, but he did once have a massive crush on the Little Mix beauty Jade Thirlwall. The "Attention" singer spilled all about it during his chat with Dan Wootton on the Bizarre Life podcast, admitting he was completely heart-eyes over Jade when they once performed together.

Charlie and Little Mix have a song called "Oops" and they all sang it together in December of 2016 on X Factor. Charlie was simply smitten with Jade during it all, but nothing came of his crush since she has a boyfriend.

charlie puth jade thirlwall

"Me and Jade had a bit of a look on X Factor. She’s in a relationship I found out that night. I was on stage singing with them and was like, 'Oh jade, she’s so sexy.' She’s so lovely, [but] well she’s taken. I will say she’s taken and I’m glad she’s happy," Charlie said to Dan. So while Charlie and Jade would make a cute couple, he's totally right that she's completely head-over-heels in love with her boyfriend of two years, Jed Elliot. But now Charlie is super happy with his love life too, so that ship has sailed clearly. Check out their performance Charlie was talking about below:

Charlie has decided to remain mum on his love life since he did go through a super public "breakup" drama with Bella Thorne and the tweets he sent out that everyone saw, so he's laying low on what's going on in his personal life now. So that's why his confession about his crush on Jade is even more interesting, but Jade is a total queen so we can totally see how he fell for her during their performance!

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