Once upon a time, Charlie Puth made a song with Selena Gomez called 'We Don't Talk Anymore" and and yes, it's a total jam. That chorus is catchy AF and the lyrics are totally relatable about what happens when you're no longer well speaking to someone who was once a really important part of your life, like an ex. It's just never the same between you anymore, something Selena really gravitated toward when Charlie played her the song and the rest is history. They even sang the song together during one of Sel's Revivial tour stops.

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But then came the drama of that one time Charlie was performing the tune at a concert and decided to call out none other than Selena's longtime on and off love Justin Bieber by yelling out "F*** you, Justin Bieber," which fans caught on camera and you know, it spread all over social media. Why did Charlie say that? Was he really dating Selena and felt compelled to lash out at her most famous ex who he felt did her wrong? Was Charlie simply defending Selena and being a good friend? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. This went down back in March of 2016 but now, Charlie was just asked about it all for the first time ever on the Bizarre Life WIth Dan Wootton podcast and he got candid, opening up about why he said that about the Biebs.

"I did way back when. Maybe when I was — I don’t remember what it was about me, I don't know why no one has ever asked me this before — I might've been performing that and I wrote the song, again me going back to me saying I have to put every ounce of my emotion into the song for me to get up on stage and perform it wherever I am, and there might’ve been a lot of emotion that night, a lot of thoughts going through my head," Charlie explained. "Maybe I shouldn't have said that, it’s not really fair to him. But I think we've come cross each other since then and he posted he liked my song "Attention" on his Instagram. There’s been a handshake."

So there we have it: nothing but love between these two guys, despite what was said in the past. It's still a bit unclear as to what exactly made Charlie have this very public reaction while he was singing the song but hey, he was clearly just feeling some type of way getting in the right mindset to bring the emotion to the performance like he said. Now that we know all is good between Charlie and Justin, can we possibly get a collab from these two? Now that would be the best way to end this saga once and for all. Just throwing that out there.

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