Charlie Puth released the music video for his track, "How Long," and it sent fans into a freaking tailspin because they believe he made a Selena Gomez reference. But, we beg to differ. While Charlie channels his inner Justin Timberlake in the vid by dancing, walking up walls and legit flying through the air, there's also a mysterious painting that shows up about two minutes in. This said painting features a girl with long dark hair and a face shaped a bit like Selena's. He literally sings to the piece of art almost like saying the song is about this depicted person – about Selena.

Obviously, shippers remember their rumored romance when the pair collaborated on the song, "We Don't Talk Anymore." However, Selena was always adamant that the two were just friends which is the first reason why we don't think the song could be about her. Here's the photo in question.


Yes, the girl in the painting has a shocking resemblance to Selena but that's probably as far as it goes. There's more proof to that theory as well. Charlie came out with the song, "Attention" shortly after his fling with Bella Thorne. Listeners thought that it was about her. So, here's the catch. Charlie made an appearance on The Zach Sang Show and when Zach Sang asked him about "How Long" he had an interesting response. Zach was merely trying to understand who was being cheated on in the track. Was the girl cheating on the Charlie? Was Charlie cheating on the girl?

Charlie's answer? "Well, she cheated on me in "Attention"." OKAY, now we're getting somewhere. So, basically, these two songs are connected. He said nothing more on the topic, naturally, but just from this one quote, we can kind of read between the lines and see that these two songs are about the same person. He hasn't confirmed nor denied that "Attention" was about Bella and Selena was never even a thought. So, we have a feeling that the girl in the painting in the music video is just a metaphor. A metaphor for the real girl who actually broke his heart in "Attention."

See Charlie, we've got you all figured out.

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