TikTok star Chase Hudson just broke down in tears and got real about being bullied when he was in school.

“I did struggle growing up as a child. My teenage years were really hard and it’s you guys that keep my going and for that I really just wanted to say thank you,” the influencer said during a recent TikTok Live. “When I started social media, I started getting people that cared about me and as a high schooler and as a middle schooler and all that, I had no one. No one really cared about me. I was always kind of a misfit and very judged… and just kind of s**t on.”

The 18-year-old explained that it was his fans that really helped get him through the negative times.

“Seeing people care about me and look up to me, it really help. You guys have helped me through so much s**t. If i had no support or love or anything from anyone, I wouldn’t, I don’t think I’d be here,” he continued. “So it’s safe to say you guys kind of saved my life. The love and the care and the nice messages you guys leave me and everything. You guys have really done a lot for me. I just wanted to thank you guys because I was at a low before doing social media and because of you guys I’ve kept going because you kept me strong.”

As fans know, the social media star’s admission comes just days after he clapped back at internet trolls who were hating on him for wearing a crop top.

“I’m taking a stand against toxic masculinity. I want people to wear whatever tf it is they want to wear,” he allegedly responded in the comment section of one of his TikTok videos.

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