It’s been over 16 years since Cheaper By The Dozen first hit theater and now, director Shawn Levy — whose name you might recognize from also directing Stranger Things — has shared some seriously epic behind-the-scenes set secrets from back in the day!

Yep, he spilled some major tea while live-tweeting along with the film, and we’re shook. Did you know, that they actually rescheduled filming for the entire film just so Hilary Duff could star? That’s right, she almost wasn’t in the movie at all!

“Hilary Duff was a huge GET for this part, so we rescheduled the whole movie so she could be in it,” Shawn dished.

As for the iconic scrambled eggs scene, well, there’s an egg shooter in Hollywood somewhere, according to Shawn.

“My prop department actually made a scrambled eggs shooter device so that we could get the right projectile force for eggs hitting the actors,” he explained.

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And just like the rest of us, even the director cried during the “we love the coach” scene at the end.

“Yes I DID cry when we filmed the ‘we love the coach’ scene and I don’t care who knows it,” he said on Twitter.

‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Director Shares Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About The Film

As fans know, Shawn isn’t the only one feeling super nostalgic about Cheaper By The Dozen lately. Earlier this month, some of the film’s cast pulled out their old costumes from the movie and dressed up like their characters. Alyson Stoner, Jacob Smith, Kevin G. Schmidt and Shane and Brent Kinsman showed off some props from the epic flick, and it seriously made us emotional!

For those who forgot, the throwback film, which premiered on December 25, 2003, followed a family of 12 kids. When their mom, Kate Baker, was called away on business, their dad, Tom Baker, had a tough time taking care of them all. Naturally, chaos ensued, and the kids practically destroyed their house — and their parent’s careers. All these years later, and it’s still a classic!

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