It’s been almost 17 years since the first Cheaper by the Dozen movie first premiered back in December 2003! Since then, the fan-favorite film spawned an equally hilarious sequel and is still high on the list of everyone’s favorite movies. Thankfully, the movie, which starred Hilary Duff, Tom WellingAlyson Stoner and more is available for streaming on Disney+. Get ready to bring on all the nostalgia!

The movie was all about the Baker family and their 12 kids. When their mom, Kate, got called away on business, their dad, Tom, had a tough time taking care of them all. Naturally, chaos ensued, and the kids practically destroyed their house — and their parent’s careers. It was definitely a classic!

But wait, what are the twelve Baker kids doing these days? Some of them continued to act, landing some pretty major roles, while others stepped out of the spotlight to focus on their education or start a family of their own. But one thing’s for sure — they’ve all grown up and changed quite a bit since the movie premiered all those years ago! See for yourself! Scroll through our gallery to see what the cast of Cheaper by the Dozen are doing now!

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