It’s official, you guys — Netflix just announced that a sequel to the throwback movie Chicken Run is in the works! Yep, they’re bringing back the animated classic, and we’ve got all the exiting deets.

For those who forgot, the original flick came out more than 20 years ago, on June 21, 2000. The DreamWorks cartoon followed a group of chickens, who (led by a hen named Ginger) were forced to come up with a plan to try to break free from their farm after a chicken-pie making machine was installed. 

In honor of the 20th anniversary since the hilarious film premiered, the network wrote on Twitter, “POULTRY NEWS: Exactly 20 years to the day since the original was released, we can confirm there will be a Chicken Run sequel coming to Netflix!! Produced by @aardman, production is expected to begin next year. Eggsellent.”

“We’ve discussed it so many times over the years and come up with various ideas but never quite found one we loved enough,” Aardman’s stop-motion innovator Peter Lord said in a statement. “But it was always in the back of our minds.”

“We’ve got the perfect story, and the relationship with Netflix is kind of perfect as well because they celebrate the filmmaker and are so filmmaker friendly. I feel now we can make the Chicken Run sequel we want to, the one we really care about,” he continued, with director Sam Fell adding, “We’ve been working on the script for some time, years in truth.”

So what’s going to go down in the highly anticipated sequel? Well, according to Variety, Ginger is now living in a human-free chicken paradise. She and her rooster husband, Rocky, have welcomed a daughter, named Molly. But when Molly begins to outgrow the island and a “new and terrible threat” comes around, Ginger must “rally her troops and put their own hard-won freedom at risk for the good of all chicken-kind.”

Wow, how epic does that sound?!

“I tell you it will be fun and games seeing these chickens back in action,” Sam promised. “All the gadgets, the kit, we’re kind of moving towards an almost-tribute to ‘Mission Impossible’ with elements of heist and how they’re going to pull off this amazing break-in.”

This is definitely going to be the best movie ever!

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