We all have gone through challenging times growing up, which make us who we are today. There's nothing more important than getting through these tough times and embracing who we are and keeping ourselves in tune with our personality. Actress Ciara Bravo, who plays“Gracie” on the new FOX TV show The Frankenstein Code, says she grew up extremely shy and has been hurt by mean comments and misconceptions posted online, but she has gotten through the tough moments beautifully by keeping confident and upbeat.

One thing that has helped Ciara is getting that perfect smile and feeling good about herself. Ciara has joined forces with Invisalign Teen and said she she's very proud to be a part of the Unbrace Teen Confidence campaign with them. "I absolutely have nothing against braces, I think they're a great statement piece that you can work with any outfit if you have enough confidence, but being in the business I couldn't have braces, so Invisalign was such a perfect opportunity and step for me and it helped improved my confidence as soon as I put them in," she said.

Ciara also said that when it comes to self-esteem, we all struggle and go through tough moments when we feel down, but she had some great tips to share. "It's something that takes a lot of time to get over…self-esteem issues don't go away overnight, and that's from personal experience, and I'm sure many people go through that. I'm sure it's definitely a process and it comes with aging and discovering who you are and defining yourself," she said. "I can only speak from personal experience and offer advice from there, but a big part of helping myself get over self esteem issues is enjoying things that I love, whether that be music, outfits that I enjoy wearing, movies that I like watching, those are things that help me discover who I am and meet people I have things in common with…when you express your passion and joy that comes along with that…then you feel confident and happy."

We think that's so true and amazing! What do you think of Ciara's tips to keeping self-confidence? Let us know in the comments!

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