Between CNCO, BTS, In Real Life, Why Don’t We, PRETTYMUCH, and all the other pop groups out there – it is safe to say there is a lot of boy band love to go around. However, chances are, you might have a favorite. And that’s totally cool. What’s not cool is when fandoms go head-to-head and tear each other down instead of lifting each other up! Sure, sometimes there can be a sense of competition – but for the cuties of CNCO, they just want everyone to be united. J-14 caught up with Joel Pimentel, 19; Erick Brian Colón, 17; Richard Camacho, 21; Christopher Vélez, 22; and Zabdiel de Jesús, 20 – and they dished about how the boy band fandoms don’t always get along – specifically the #CNCOwners and #BTSArmy.

“In Real Life and CNCO and PRETTYMUCH, I think they get along pretty well – but ours and BTS’ don’t get along that well. I don’t know why! I feel like we should all be more united. But, I feel it’s that way also because we both have really strong fandoms,” Joel dishes exclusively to J-14.

In fact, In Real Life presented CNCO with their award for “Latin Artist” at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards, showing just how well they can unite as one!

in real life cnco


“It was super cool ’cause In Real Life and us, we’re super close. We met a few times behind stage – we were playing around, making jokes, harmonizing. So it was a good vibe,” Richard tells us. “It was surreal for us because we never pictured ourselves there. And we saw on TV, seeing people get surf boards. So for us to finally be there and have them play our songs and have another boyband in that market – the Anglo market – receive us like that, it felt amazing. It showed respect. It showed that they really appreciate the music. It felt very good.”

So what do the guys of CNCO find differentiates them most from other pop groups?

“We are the first boy band to do urban pop, to do music like how we are doing it. Also, we are all from different countries. Representing music in Latin America. I think that’s really the thing that you see setting us apart from other bands – that we are from different places,” Joel says.

Richard chimes in, “It’s not that were just a Latin boyband. Each one of us represent a different country – we all got united by one thing, which is music.”

Looks like the guys of CNCO just want everyone to focus on the music and spread the love. That’s something we can most definitely get behind!

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