It’s here, guys. After months of anticipation, CNCO‘s latest single, “Honey Boo,” has finally dropped, and it’s even better than we all expected!

Well guys, prepare to fall even more in love with the new song because the band just spilled all the tea exclusively to J-14 on the inspiration behind it. They also opened up about their upcoming music, what they love most about touring and how they’re staying busy amid the coronavirus quarantine!

J-14: Tell us about “Honey Boo!” What’s it about?

CNCO: It’s a love song about a really cool girl. There is nothing like her and that she is the number one in your life. She’s a Honey Boo!

J-14: Was it inspired by anyone in your real life?

CNCO: It’s about our [fans].

J-14: Any fun behind-the-scenes stories you can share from filming the music video?

CNCO: We had a very early lobby call so we were all very sleepy that day. In between takes, we would go take short naps and then we would wake him up right as it was time for him to get back on camera. It was also really really hot out that day. After every take we had to fan ourselves and dry off.

J-14: What is your writing process like?

CNCO: Every song is different, sometimes we collaborate together, sometimes with other writers and producers, but it’s our favorite thing to do!

J-14: What are three things you have to bring with you on tour?

CNCO: Cell Phone, headphones, video games.

J-14: Any fun previous tour memories you can share?

CNCO: We loved touring on our tour bus and stopping late at night and discovering new parts of the world we had never seen before.

J-14: What do you guys like to do when you’re on the road and you’re not performing?

CNCO: We love to work out, spend time with our families, and play video games.

J-14: For fans who haven’t been yet, what can they expect at a CNCO concert?

CNCO: A lot of energy, dancing and sweat! We like to give our fans a party!

J-14: Any suggestions for how a fan can catch your eye in the audience? Anything in particular you look out for? 

CNCO: Singing all the words to our songs, dancing and having an amazing time!

J-14: What are you doing to pass the time during quarantine?

CNCO: Spending a lot of time with family! We’ve been trying our best to keep a routine going. We wake up, workout and then work. For example, we’ve been prepping for the release [of our next single] by doing interviews and liners. After work, we’ve been spending time doing the things that we love to do. Some of us like to play video games, and others like work on more music.

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