Cole Sprouse and his Riverdale co-stars are close, but he and one particular cast member go way back.

Actress Camila Mendes, who plays the role of Veronica Lodge in The CW series, actually went to college with the Disney Channel alum. Despite the fact that they attended a large school in the big city, the two had actually did meet a few times.

"I mean, I saw him around and there was a time when we had class in the same building so I would always see him outside. He was a weirdo! He had really long hair down to his butt cheeks," Camila said in an interview about their time together at New York University.

She didn't just see him on campus – she also saw him out at parties as well.

"He was really shy too. I would see him at parties sometimes and I always kind of randomly talked to his brother [Dylan] but I never got a chance to talk to him because he was more to himself," the actress revealed.

Aww – are we the only ones who think that is so freaking adorable? Don't worry Cole, we bet every single girl at those parties were dying to talk to you. Despite the fact that Camila remembers these encounters, Cole does not recall meeting her whatsoever.

"Cole always laughs when I tell him that because I remember meeting him on certain occasions and he doesn’t. I’m always like, 'Fine! Whatever! Sorry I’m not a child star!'"

Well, who could blame him? The guy meets a lot of people, we bet.

Wow, things really do come full circle. It's so cool that Cole and Camila had a history long before their time working together on the show.

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