Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart most likely will never tell the world if they’re an actual couple, but we do know these two are currently on vacation together in Hawaii where they rang in the new year, which obvi has shippers’ hear soaring. Some lucky fans happened to run into the Riverdale co-stars during their trip but it was Cole who just went ahead and roasted a fan for spotting them in the most Cole-like way ever.

Cole took to his Instagram story to share photos he took of a fan who was looking him up on Google, right in front of him. Also, let’s take note that the first photo this person is looking at is a selfie of Lili and Cole. We recognize that Betty Cooper blonde hair anywhere.

cole sprouse instagram story fan 1

So most likely, this person saw Cole and Lili walk into the room and just wanted to make sure they were actually looking at THE Cole Sprouse, so that’s why they decided to look him up. Just to verify.

cole sprouse instagram story fan 2

And hey, can you really blame them? Imagine seeing Cole and Lili walk in together, not expecting them to roll through at all. SHOOK. Cole, of course, found this all to be well, not really all that amusing and then posted a selfie right after. His face says it all.

cole sprouse instagram story fan 3

Cole has always made it clear he thinks it’s super weird when people recognize him in public and even try to take a photo of him without asking to be odd. He even has an Instagram account called @camera_duels where he takes pics of people taking photos of him. “This instagram is dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera win,” the bio of the account says. In this fan’s defense though, we’re sure it was all harmless and they were just checking to see what Cole is up to nowadays. Not everyone is a Riverdale fan, as crazy as that idea might sound. Or maybe this was all just one big coincidence and this person happened to be searching for Cole on Google the moment the actor walked in. Now that would really be a plot twist none of us saw coming.

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