Any fan of the hit CW series Riverdale knows that Jughead and Betty are pretty much the best couple ever. In a twisted town filled with tons of secret and lies, the Bughead love story is simply pure and reminds everyone that there is some good left in this fictional universe. Seriously, they're the cutest.

bughead kiss

The actors who play these roles, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, have such intense chemistry on-screen that it's only natural for fans to wonder what exactly is going on between them IRL. And lately, there has been plenty of evidence piling up that proves these two might just be an item off-screen too. Or at least that's what everyone is hoping.

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Let's break it down:

Now obviously the cast is all super close. If you happen to follow any of the stars on Instagram and Twitter, then you would see they all really do love spending time together, just hanging out. But there is something more to be seen with Cole and Lili. Take for example the fact that they both went to Debby Ryan's house to meet her beloved kittens.

Obviously Debby and Cole go way back, since they've been the best of friends ever since the Suite Life On Deck days, but it appears Deb and Lili's friendship really got started because of Cole. More proof, courtesy of Lilli's Instagram story from a hangout session:

lilli reinhart debby ryan

And you would want your girlfriend to get along with those who know you the best! Cole even used Lili as a model once for one of his photo shoots, and anyone who follows Cole knows how much his photography means to him.

He clearly like to take photos that make him feel some type of way. Plus, how stunning does Lili look in that pic?! Anytime these two have been spotted doing interviews together, fans couldn't help but gush over how the pair interacts when they're talking about the show together. Just look at this stare:

And that time a fan ran into them and they posed with their arms wrapped around each other like an actual couple.

lilli and cole fan

Although there isn't any actual evidence that love is in the air for these two, all signs are pointing toward a giant YES. If anything, they have a super close friendship that will just give the world more precious moments.

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