Cole Sprouse returning to our television screens every week was a true gift to us all. He plays the role of Jughead Jones on Riverdale and well, you know the show has to be something special if it got the former Suite Life of Zack & Cody star back to TV after taking a break from acting to go to college. And if you’ve seen the show, then you know exactly it’s basically everyone’s obsession. It’s that good. But it appears Cole just had to call out the show he now calls home in typical Cole-like fashion, although this time around it might’ve not going over all that well.

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If you follow Cole on Twitter, then you know he’s all about the jokes and he has a rather sarcastic sense of humor. He is unafraid to roast himself and his brother Dylan and just about everything. It’s great and his fans who understand his sense of humor just get him and his vibe. But he decided to send out a tweet pretty much criticizing as an aspect of Riverdale that might’ve taken some people a bit by surprise. The official CW Riverdale account shared a new poster of the cast promoting the show’s second season, which will begin airing on Oct. 11, 2017.

It shows the whole crew standing in front of Pop’s. Granted, the cast didn’t actually pose for this picture together, instead each taking solo shots that someone then worked some magic in Photoshop to put them all together. But it appears the photo wasn’t really up to Cole’s standards since he replied to the tweet with a message of his own that we managed to get a screenshot of.

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“I’m willing to help finance the necessary photoshop lessons for whoever keeps making these. hmu,” he wrote.

cole sprouse deleted riverdale tweet

OK Cole, we see you with that subtle shade. Now, Cole is an artist as we all know and he’s really a very talented photographer, so he for sure has some opinions when it comes to photos. He was simply voicing his opinion in the most Cole-like way possible.

jughead riverdale

But, there is a chance that he might’ve offended the person who no doubt worked super hard to create this poster. He has obviously since taken down his oh so sassy reply, but we’re sure everyone over in the Riverdale family knows that Cole is always going to speak his mind and he’s not one to shy away from voicing his opinion. His candor is something Cole’s fans admire most about him, even if it doesn’t always win over everyone. He really is just like Jughead when you think about it…

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