All the Love: Ashley Tisdale Still Considers Cole Sprouse Her Lil Bro, Making Our 'Suite Life' Dreams Come True


It's confirmed: Ashley Tisdale still thinks of Cole Sprouse as her little brother, so all is right in the world. No really, our The Suite Life of Zack & Cody-loving hearts can't take it.

It's been quite a few months since Cole's new show Riverdale came to The CW (it premiered on January 26, 2017, to be exact). But Ash is finally getting around to congratulating her Suite Life co-star for his new super successful project. And just like the rest of us, she's a big fan.

The actress, who still partially remains to be Maddie Fitzpatrick in our eyes, took to Twitter to give Cole a little shout-out after getting totally hooked on Season 1 of his new show. And of course, she recognized the fact that she was late on addressing the subject.

"Guys I'm late to the game but @CW_Riverdale is SO good. So proud of my lil bro @colesprouse. I can't. stop. watching," she wrote, sharing with her Twitter followers.

The two recently had the reunion of a lifetime at Debby Ryan's 24th birthday party, which gave us all the Disney nostalgia – especially considering the fact that Debby starred alongside Cole in The Suite Life on Deck. Too precious.

It's no secret Debby is a huge Riverdale fan too, and we're honestly still obsessing with the idea of having her guest-star on the show.

Ashley and Debby aren't the only Disney co-star to support Cole on Riverdale though. In fact, Phill Lewis (the one and only Mr. Moseby) low-key – er, high-key – loves the show.

But actually, he can't get enough.

You'd think it would be a given that Cole's twin brother Dylan Sprouse also enjoys watching the show, but nah. Cole barely even wants him to see it – can you believe that?

"He supports the show…. I don't know if he enjoys it. This kind of programming has never really been our flavor of choice. I don't really want him to watch anything I do and I don't really watch anything he'll do," Cole said in an interview.

Now if only they could somehow set up a Suite Life reboot... and don't worry, Dylan and Cole, we wouldn't make you guys watch it.


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