On Colony, Jacob Buster plays Charlie Bowman, a boy in a post-apocalyptic world who was separated from his family for over a year. Serious stuff, right? Even though he took on such a dramatic role, the young actor confessed that the on-set environment has a much lighter vibe than the dystopia portrayed in the series. He revealed that his on-screen dad, Josh Holloway — who famously played Sawyer on the television show Lost — is totally a funny guy. Need proof?

When asked about his favorite behind-the-scenes memory from filming the show, Jacob shared a hilarious story from set. While he was explaining the definition of "eyebrows on fleek" to his co-star Carolyn Michelle Smith, Josh came up with the funniest nickname for him. Surprisingly, it has to do with Justin Bieber!

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"Josh always makes things light and fun, as much as he can anyway. Just like his character on Lost, he always gives people nicknames, but I didn't have one yet. I was talking to Carolyn about her eyebrows being on fleek between setups one day. Josh asked what fleek meant. I said, 'It means perfect. On point.' He said, 'I'm gonna call you Fleek. But, wait, you need a last name.' He thought and came up with Skieber," Jacob dished before the second season finale.

"I was like, 'What? Why?' He said, 'You know, like Justin Bieber. Fleek Skieber.' So now, he calls me Fleek Skieber. When I leave the set I point at him and say 'Fleek Skieber, out!' He gives me one of those nods you've seen him do in a hundred episodes. Super cool to have a nickname from Sawyer!"

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Um, totally! It sounds like he has a great relationship with Josh and seems like they've seriously bonded on set. (The series was recently renewed for Season 3!) He previously appeared on shows like The Thundermans and in the holiday movie The Christmas Project, but Colony is truly his breakout role.

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