There are moments in life that might leave you wounded and the result is a scar on your skin, serving as a constant reminder. It might bring back a memory of when you fell off your bike, or perhaps it has a funny story to go along with it or you had an operation and this mark is now a reminder that you pulled through and are better and stronger because of it. Everyone has some sort of scar on their body, even tons of your fave celebs. No one is immune!

Take Corey Fogelmanis for example. The Girl Meets World alum actually has a scar on the top of his forehead that you might not always notice his since hair is often swooped down covering it. Here's a look at it when he was on the red carpet and his hair was pushed back:

corey fogelmanis face scar

And now you're left wondering, what happened to him? Well, the actor spilled to RAW that the incident actually went down when he was super young.

"It is a scar on my head. When I was 3 years old, a dresser fell over on me and it split my forehead open. I wanted to know what was in the top drawer, so I climbed it and it was like a 300-pound wooden oak dresser. My mom said she saw my skull," Corey explained. Umm okay, that sounds so intense, he's lucky he only walked away with that minor mark on his head! Oh and in case you were wondering, little Corey did find out what was in the mysterious drawer.

"It was just my dad’s underwear," he said with a laugh. So now that kind of makes the story a bit funny but still, so scary. At least Corey totally embraces the scar on his head as a part of who he is now and he's not the only celeb who has a story behind the permanent mark he has learned to embrace.

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