Having to perform for months on end is not for the faint of heart — which is why musical artists like to curate tour riders to make their travels a bit easier. However, some celebrities may have taken it a bit too far — from requesting 12 puppies backstage to demanding an Indian yoga casket filled with essential oils, these lists can get pretty outlandish.

Keep reading to find out which A-list stars have the most absurd asks while they’re on tour. 

If you’re wondering what that means, we have you covered! A tour rider is a list of specific requirements that is sent to the venue that the artist is performing at. These requests can include things like specific snacks and decorated dressing rooms to security guards and hotel rooms.

Some celebrities keep their requests simple, while others are a bit tedious with their demands. For example, one of the most well recognized tour riders come from the band Van Halen.

In 1982, the front runner asked for a bowl of M&M‘s, however, he wanted all the brown candies removed.

As petty as that may sound, that’s not even the weirdest request that’s been made! Iconic 80s pop star Madonna has had her fair share of odd demands, and is pretty notorious for them.

The “Like a Virgin” singer had reportedly requested: 200-person entourage, 20 international phone lines and a backstage room that looks exactly like her own home, per Complex.

Now, why does one need to have 20 different phone lines and have 200 people around them? We don’t really know! While she hasn’t spoken about her bizarre tour rider publicly, we can assume that the queen of pop likes to be around people 24/7.

However, it wasn’t just a phase in the 1980s to have outrageous requests! Some of your favorite stars today have made many eyebrow raising demands which might make you think twice.

From Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift, keep reading to find out which singer has the craziest tour asks. 

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