Warning: Spoilers Ahead. All Jeanette Turner wanted was for Kate Wallis to tell the truth, and she finally did!

Hours after Cruel Summer was renewed for a second season on Freeform, season 1 officially came to an end with a finale on Monday, June 15, full of some major twists. Starring Olivia Holt, Froy GutierrezChiara Aurelia, Harley Quinn Smith, Allius Barnes, Blake Lee, Michael Landes, Brooklyn Sudano and more, the series has kept viewers on the edge of their seats since premiering in April 2021.

Taking place over three years, the show tells the story of Kate (played by Olivia), a girl who went missing, and Jeanette (played by Chiara), a girl who seemingly took over her life, becoming the most popular girl in their small Texas town. After it was revealed that Kate was actually kidnapped by Vice Principal Martin Harris (played by Blake), she claimed that Jeanette knew where she was the whole time. Suddenly, the once-loved teen becomes an outcast. Throughout the season, both girls’ secrets were slowly revealed. The most shocking being that Kate, while she was kidnapped by Martin, initially went to his house willingly.

During the finale, the legal battle between the two main girls came to a head in the courtroom. Once Kate took the stand and it was revealed that she was lying about how she went to Martin’s house, she finally decided to meet with Jeanette and settle their issues once and for all. Eventually, the pair returned to Martin’s house where Kate stood firm in believing that Jeanette saw her in the home where she was kidnapped. Jeanette, for her part, continued to deny that she saw her.

Kate then dropped a bombshell telling Jeanette that she was hiding on the second floor during the Christmas Eve night in 1993 when Jeanette broke into the house. As Kate continued to tell her story, saying that she saw the brunette-haired girl get on her bike and ride away, it dawned on Jeanette that Mallory (played by Harley) was actually the one who saw her in the house.

Jeanette’s former best friend followed her that night in hopes that she would get caught entering the home. Instead, she saw a blonde girl on the phone in the living room — which to Mallory’s surprise, turned out to be Kate, her new bestie.

After Kate apologized to Jeanette for the misunderstanding, the girls headed to the basement. While there, Kate remembered what happened the day before she was rescued from Martin’s house. Previously, it was reported that the kidnapper had died in a shootout allowing for Kate’s safe return, but she was actually the one who shot him using Martin’s family heirloom gun, named Annabelle. Following their conversation, Kate publicly shared her truth, clearing Jeanette’s name.

But that’s not all that went down in the Cruel Summer finale. Scroll through our gallery to see where each character ended up as season 1 came to an end!

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