Who doesn’t love Jace Norman?! The actor starred as Henry Hart and Kid Danger from 2014 until 2020 when Henry Danger officially came to an end. Since then, he’s been making a name for himself on the production side of Hollywood while also reprising his role on Danger Force.

“I would say that Henry Danger is of the last kid sitcoms,” he told FLAUNT in November 2018 of the fan-favorite series.

While filming the final Henry Danger episode, Jace gushed during a behind-the-scenes video about closing this chapter of his career.

“I feel good about the way I wrap up my story, it’s bittersweet, but it’s kind of nice. There’s a certain amount of ‘we did it’ accomplishment. A lot of people are sad and there is a sadness to it, but it’s also like wow, we really did this, and we really lit this up and I feel good about it,” the actor said. “I’m going to miss the crew. I’m going to miss the people that I basically grew up with. These faces that I see every day and they know me so well and I know them so well.”

Nearly 2 years after his iconic role came to an end, Nickelodeon announced in January 2022 that Jace was set to bring Kid Danger back to life in a Henry Danger movie.

Of course, it’s no surprise that he would want to reprise the role since he’s made special appearances on Danger Force — the Henry Danger spinoff series — over the years.

“It was really cool to see him and [costar] Cooper [Barnes] just immediately connect like they had never been apart,” Danger Force star Havan Flores told J-14 exclusively in July 2021 about Jace returning to set. “It was really, really funny to have them together on the set.”

The Nickelodeon star also remembered Jace offering the cast tons of advice. Havan said, “Every once in a while, he’d give us like these short little like tips of just how to make funnier or more interesting in your line.”

Danger Force stars Terrence Little Gardenhigh and Dana Heath gushed over Jace on the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards red carpet in April 2022.

“Gosh, just working with him is amazing,” Terrence, for one, told J-14 exclusively at the event. “So, I mean, I have very high hopes for [the Henry Danger] movie. I know it’s gonna be amazing.”

Dana referred to her costar as “such a bright light.” She added, “He is so amazing.”

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