The hosts with the most! Dara Renée and Issac Ryan Brown are cohosting Disney Channel’s Magic Bake-Off and have nothing but amazing things to say about working with each other.

“We would just be dying laughing at, like, the most basic stuff,” the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star told J-14 exclusively ahead of the show’s premiere. “It’s so crazy, like, being able to work with someone who has the same humor as me, I love it, period.”

Together Dara and Issac will guide young bakers through challenges to create Disney-inspired cakes. Along the way, the dynamic duo will introduce some unexpected twists to test the youngsters’ baking abilities. At the end of each one-hour episode, a team of bakers will be crowned the Disney Baking Champion. Not to mention, the winning recipe will be available via Disney Channel and Tastemade’s social media accounts.

Throughout the show, both Dara and Issac were able to taste all the contestants’ creations.

“I’m gonna say from the princess episode, the matcha chocolate chip cookie dough cake [was my favorite]. It was out of this world,” the Raven’s Home actor shared. Dara, for her part, liked the holiday-themed cakes. “It was fresh gingerbread and salted caramel. The caramel melted in your mouth. I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ I’ve never had fresh gingerbread like that.”

Dara Renee and Isaac Ryan Brown Gush Over 'Crazy' Experience Hosting Disney's 'Magic Bake-Off'
Disney/Aaron Epstein

Before collaborating together on Disney’s Magic Bake-Off, Dara and Issac had actually never met. But, all their mutual friends from the Disney family knew they would immediately get along. The pair had their first meeting over Zoom and once they got on set, it was like they’d known each other forever.

“The connection and the bond just got stronger and stronger. Dara’s amazing. She’s a great coach,” Issac gushed. Dara couldn’t help but agree.

“I must say, Issac is literally me and another form,” she explained to J-14. “Issac is absolutely an icon. The sweetest person. He’s like my little brother. We’re family now. Like, we are family, and he is just so great. His acting is absolutely amazing, so great to work off.”

The HSMTMS actress recalled everyone around her saying that they would be the perfect hosts, and she has come to the conclusion that everyone was right. “He met all of my expectations. I love it. And exceeded them,” Dara gushed.

Disney’s Magic Bake-Off premieres on Disney Channel on Friday, August 13, after Descendants: The Royal Wedding

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