Try not to freak out, you guys, but David Dobrik is now a married man. The YouTube star uploaded a video to his channel on May 18, titled “I MARRIED MY BEST FRIENDS MOM!! (PROPOSAL).” And guess what? He really did!

So how did this all come about? Great question. Well, the vlog opens with exactly what prompted the social media star to marry Jason Nash‘s mom in the first place, which was a comment made by Jason himself.

“It’s crazy to think that you’ll never have an ex-wife because no one will f–king marry you ever,” Jason joked.

Lo and behold, after telling Jason that he’d regret his comment, the 22-year-old flew to Boston just three hours later to propose to his mom, Lorraine Nash. Now that’s dedication.

At first, Lorraine was, like, very confused, and we can’t blame her! However, when David explained that he wants to marry her so that he could be Jason’s step-dad, she was totally on board.

“Oh, that would be hysterical,” she responded.

Before we knew it, the two were headed off to Las Vegas to make things official, and TBH, we were totally not convinced that they were going to go through with it — that is, until they did. The vlog showed the two exchanging rings, signing their marriage license, and of course, no wedding is complete without sealing it with a kiss.

Following their wedding chapel ceremony, David and Lorraine (and David’s assistant Natalie) all jetted off to Hawaii for the honeymoon, and it seemed like they really had a blast. But even we have to admit that the best part of the whole vlog came at the end, when David told Jason he’s now his step-father.

“I married your mom,” he said. “I proposed to her in Boston. These are all the legal papers. I’m your new step-father.”

Fortunately, Jason was totally cool with it. In fact, he thought it was hilarious. Of course, this begs the question: Are David and Lorraine really legally wed? And as far as we can tell, this marriage is totally legit. How do we know? Because a quick search on the Clark County Clerk’s website shows that it’s the real deal, and we’ve never been more shook in our lives.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Dobrik!

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