As fans know, David Dobrik stopped uploading new YouTube videos after the stay-at-home order in California was enforced, due to the current coronavirus pandemic. He briefly broke his hiatus for a seriously epic giveaway, but the website hasn’t been the same without the 23-year-old’s hijinks, pranks and videos of himself giving extravagant gifts to his friends. Now, the 23-year-old has set the record straight once and for all, and explained the real reason why he stopped filming vlogs.

“If I start posting during this quarantine, by default my content is going to be so watered down just because it’s going to be me inside my house,” he explained during a recent appearance on the “Wild Ride!” podcast. “I’d rather just quit cold turkey and stop until I’m able to create the videos I want to make exactly how I want, then I’ll start again.”

The internet star also said that last time he uploaded something new, he received “serious backlash” for going outside to see his friends.

As fans know, David’s comments came just a few days after Logan Paul begged the Vlog Squad founder to start making videos again in his latest upload.

“Where are you, David Dobrik?” Logan asked, while making a parody of Avatar: The Last Airbender. “I need you. I miss you David. I want your videos back in my life — and that’s not even me being sarcastic. Being the YouTube Avatar is hard, and it’s not the same without you, David.”

Despite not being active on YouTube, David has had quite the TikTok presence during this time. For those who missed, the social media influencer recently posted a video of himself confronting a man, who appeared to be drunk, that was walking around his backyard.

“THERE IS A RANDOM MAN STANDING IN MY BACKYARD,” he caption the video, which showed David approaching the strange man and saying, “Hello?”

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