Jessie star Debby Ryan has expressed her interest in the past for a spin-off series – I mean, it seems like all of the original Disney Channel shows are getting them these days. So, why shouldn't Jessie? It was seriously the freaking best and fans would go wild if it ever came back. However, it never got it's own Disney Channel Original Movie, despite its popularity.

While Debby hasn't commented on it, she did say something that has us thinking she'd want to appear in a Disney Channel Original Movie that is already a total legend. Can you guess which one it is?! We all have our favorites, that's for sure. But, we had no idea Debby loved this particular Disney Channel Original Movie so much that she still knows the words to the soundtrack!

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She tweeted, "Favourite artist? Protozoa
Favourite song? Supernova Girl."

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Ahhh, zoom, zoom, zoom, makes my heart go boom boom! Yes, I just broke out in song and dance at my desk. Moving on…Debby is clearly referring to the DCOM Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. In case anyone has been living under a rock for the past 10 years, the movie is about Zenon who tries to navigate her life in an earth orbiting galaxy all while crushing over a hot musician named Protozoa. His song, Supernova Girl, is Debby's favorite.

We can't blame her, the movie was freaking epic. Every girl wanted the song "Supernova Girl" to be about them and everyone totally had a crush on Protozoa whether they wanted to admit it or not. That silver spiked hair was ICONIC. His dance moves made you weak in the knees. Talk about his stage presence! No wonder why Debby loves him so much.


Of course, we have a feeling that if there was ever a chance for Jessie to have its own Disney Channel Original Movie, Debby would never pass up that chance. But, it seems like, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century comes in at a close second.

Zoom, Zoom.

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