Long lost Texas pals Demi Lovato and Big Time Rush star Logan Henderson reconnected over the weekend on Twitter. Logan acted first, Tweeting, "Shoutout to my long lost friend @ddlovato I miss you. Way past due to hangout. Im sure u guys are following her but if your not go do it now!" Not too long after, Demi retweeted his sweet shoutout and replied with, "@1LoganHenderson aww Logan!! I miss you so much. Everyone go follow this guy… We've been friends since I was 12!! Love this guy :)"

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Logan and Demi met pre-fame in an acting class in Texas (with Selena Gomez and Cody Linley!), and though Demi hit the big time first, Logan followed shortly after.

Are you surprised by the Demi Lovato and Logan Henderson's childhood friendship? Do you want them to do a duet together?

Photos: Courtesy of Stewart Shining/Nickelodeon; Courtesy of Heidi Gutman/ABC

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