Fans are keeping Demi Lovato in their thoughts today. The singer revealed on Thursday, July 16, that her aunt, Virgina, had passed away, just weeks after announcing that her grandfather, Perry, had also died.

“My sweet sweet Aunt Virginia… They told us we had more time with you… I’m devastated to say goodbye to you and that angelic heart of yours. You took care of Mimaw and Papa like no one else and I can never thank you enough… I’m just so grateful we became close in their final years. Rest easy with all our loved ones up there… Especially Uncle Billy. I love you so much,” she wrote on Instagram.

As fans know, this heartfelt tribute came just after Demi also shared the news that her grandpa had also passed away, alongside a meaningful message online for him.

“Woke up to the news that my Grandpa Perry passed away early this morning. He’s been sick for a couple years now so although I’m relieved he is out of pain, it still hurts to think our family won’t get to say goodbye with a proper funeral for a while,” she wrote on July 1. “But that’s the reality during this pandemic. This man loved God FIERCELY and was one of the best preacher’s I’ve ever had the honor in witnessing spread the word of God. I love you, Grandpa. I’m sorry we didn’t take more pictures together but I have so many memories to make me smile until we meet again someday. Rest easy. Love you.”

Previously, after her grandma died, Demi honored her with a special tattoo. Yep, she got a portrait of her “Mimaw” inked permanently onto her arm in May 2019, and it was seriously emotional.

“This is for you Mimaw. You at 26 [years old] on my arm while I’m 26 [years old], and forever. I love you,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “Thank you @_dr_woo_ for making her come back to life for me… It’s stunning and the most meaningful tattoo I have ever gotten.”

It’s clear her family means a lot to her. Rest in Peace, Virginia.

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