Demi Lovato has gone viral, and she did not even lift a finger! The singer has had a dance challenge named after that uses the hashtag #DemiLovatoChallenge and uses a song created by rapper Kandi Reign and her very own dance routine that she created and was inspired by the "Cool For The Summer" singer.


The catchy tune proves that Kandi is for sure a Lovatic since it repeats the words, "I feel like Demi Lovato," over and over again and it will for sure get stuck in your head. Kandi released a video of the audio and a second one of her dancing which encouraged other Lovatics and dancers to join in on the fun.

###Check out the dance for the #DemiLovatoChallenge below

The hashtag clearly picked up steam quickly and it even got Demi's attention and she responded to it on Twitter. She wrote: "Umm.. this #demilovatochallenge is giving me LIFE ??????,"

Her mother Dianna De La Garza posted a video of the singer's little sister Madison De La Garza who took part in the challenge and absolutely KILLED it!

A Twitter user shared his excitement about the challenge saying: "@ddlovato when you're grammy nominated and you have your own [challenge] what a legend."

Fans also accepted the invitation to share their own clips of them dancing to the new tune and they shared them on social media and they are absolutely incredible!

Even dancer and social media star Kaycee Rice took part in the challenge sharing a super insane video celebrating her followers and writing them a sweet message: "Exactly 1 year ago from today January 2nd, I hit 100k. Wow. I am SO THANKFUL to have my fans that I love so much. Each and every one of you are the best. Thank you for supporting me through these years?❤️? Love you guys! #myfansarethebest #weirdo #DemiLovatoChallenge #nike @nike."

Kandi went viral with this song and its choreography and it is well deserved! We love that fans are loving this dance craze and as much fun as it looks, it is also not easy but they are absolutely rocking it.

Listen to the song below and share with us your own Demi challenge in the comments below!

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