Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber have run in the same circles for years now and while they haven't always been the chummiest of pals, it seems like all is well for the songstress and the Biebs. In fact, Demi filmed a segment where she was asked to watch old videos on YouTube and when it came time for JB's first ever music video, she had nothing but kind things to say about him and even shared a sweet tidbit from one of the first times they ever met.

"Justin Bieber is so cute in this music video, it's 'One Time.' And he just looks so young and adorable. I met him at a radio station one time and he was nowhere near the celebrity he is today. He was I think 14 and it was really interesting meeting him, he was like 'You're going to know me someday' and I was like 'OK' and then he became Justin Bieber," Demi said. Umm, how cute is that? Take a look at the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer talking all about the singer:

And as you all know, Justin ended up dating Demi's longtime on and off BFF Selena Gomez well on and off for years, with the former couple even recently reuniting. So naturally, Demi must've hung out with Justin plenty of times over the years.

justin bieber demi lovato vmas

There were rumors though back in 2013 that Demi really wasn't the biggest fan of Justin's and when she was serving as a judge on X Factor, she reportedly threw a few digs at the "Friends" singer during the audition rounds of the show. According to TMZ, a young guy sang the Biebs' tune "As Long As You Love Me" for his audition and Demi said during her critique, "Well finally someone can sing the song the way it was meant to be sung." Yikes. But if they did have any tension between them, it's long gone. At the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards, the two shared a super sweet moment when Justin gave her a little hug and kiss as he headed up to the stage to collect his award.

justin bieber hugs demi lovato

Okay, all the feels right there. And in November of 2017, Demi was asked in an interview which singer is her guilty pleasure to listen to and with a little laugh, she named JB.

"I guess maybe Justin Bieber? I don’t know… he’s considered cool now though, so he’s not really like that for me as much. But yeah, if I’m singing in the shower or something, it might be to his music," Demi said.

So yes, all is well for Demi and Justin now and that's all we need.

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