Demi Lovato is more confident than she’s ever been, and she’s ready to share that side of herself with a new album Tell Me You Love Me, which will be out on September 29th. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer has been in the spotlight for most of her life, so it would be easy to assume that nerves don’t get the best of her but that’s totally not true. Turns out, Demi is actually feeling a little jumpy about one song on her album. She recently told MTV in an interview, “Sometimes you put out music that you just feel like everyone is going to know who it's about.”

“Headlines are going to come out of it, and it's like, when you write a song, you're just being vulnerable, and you're just writing about something that's inspiring you, so all the baggage that comes with it is what I'm kind of nervous about,” she continued to say.

Okay, so obviously the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind is her past relationships. The singer previously dated actor, Wilmer Valderrama for six years and he was a huge source of support for her through some of the most challenging times in her life. They even continue to be friends to this day, so maybe the song is about the evolution of their relationship to a friendship.

demi lovato and wilmer valderrama instagram story

The singer also recently split from MMA fighter, Guilherme 'Bomba' Vasconcelos earlier this year. Maybe their relationship was the source of some major song inspo for Demi. Or in another crazy turn of events, it could even be about her tumultuous friendship with Selena Gomez.

selena gomez and demi lovato selfie

At one point, the two were inseparable during the peak of their Disney days, but now they are clearly not as close. Despite it all, the “Cool for the Summer” singer still considers Sel someone very special to her. Perhaps this mystery track could give fans some insight as to what exactly happened between them.

Fans of course will continue to create theories as to who inspired the song, and Demi absolutely welcomes any and all theories about it. She admitted, “whatever you want to think about it — you go into whatever theories you have — fine. But I know what it's about and who it's about and I'm just going to let it be.” Okay, so getting a clear-cut answer as to who or what the song will be about won’t be solved until the album is released. Until then, the speculation continues.

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