While it hasn't been publicly confirmed, it's safe to say Demi Lovato has a new man in her life and she's totally smitten.

The "Stone Cold" singer was spotted for the first time with her new man, Guilherme "Bomba" Vasconcelos, on New Year's Eve. He posted an adorable photo of the two together and he even captioned it with a heart! Fans definitely thought they were the real deal and now we have even more evidence that Demi is totally head over heels for this guy!

Guilherme posted another photo of them hugging, showing off those soft smiles and just looking like a downright couple! While he didn't have a caption for the photo, we think it speaks one thousand words on its own.

Aww! To make this even MORE official than it already is, Demi's ex-boyfriend actually liked this photo. So, that can only mean one thing right? That he approves! Which one was it? Wilmer Valderrama or Joe Jonas? It was Joe!

demi boyfriend

This is seriously the cutest! We have a feeling Demi loves the idea of not only someone that she used to date giving his stamp of approval but someone that she truly respects and admires. Demi and Joe's romantic relationship was puppy love – let's face it. Now that they have grown and matured, they definitely support each other in every aspect of their lives and even more so in their love lives.

There's no telling when Demi is going to publicly announce that she's dating Guilherme, but to be honest, she doesn't really need to. He's an MMA fighter, which means he's super strong. He wore goofy glasses that read '2017' on them for New Year's Eve, which means he's fun. He has already held her hand in public, which means he's not afraid to show off his girl. AND…he's hot!

We're super happy for her. Now all we need is for Demi to post a photo of the two on her own social media account. That will really be the turning point in this blossoming relationship!

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