Like it or not – a new era of Demi Lovato is upon us, which obviously means new music but also the singer will be opening up to fans like never before with her lyrics. The singer teased in the past that she’s nervous about everyone listening to a new track, because guessing whom it’s about is rather obvious.

Many assumed the song she was talking about was her new single “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore.” On the surface it appears to be a ballad about a relationship that has lost its spark, but turns out that’s not what it’s actually about. A fan cracked the code, which the “Cool For the Summer” confirmed and the truth about the song is pretty surprising.

A fan actually tweeted and wrote on Instagram, wondering if the song was actually about the person she used to be by writing, “If the song is about her old self then it is literally ten times even better and more impactful.” Then they went on to tag Demi in the post, hoping that she might come across it – which she did! Not only that, but she commented on the post, congratulating the fan on figuring out the real meaning behind the emotional lyrics. She wrote, “well done. It is.”

demi lovato song instagram

Just another thing to add on the very long list of reasons as to why everyone loves the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer so much. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything she’s been through, not even some of the darkest and toughest moments of her life. Obviously this isn’t the first time she’s opened up about things such as her struggles with body image, sobriety, and her personal life. It’s through these very candid talks that fans have gotten to know a different side of her, and they’ve surely helped more people than she can imagine. Perhaps this song will do so as well. Bravo, Demi!

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