Descendants 2 finally arrived on July 21 and if you haven’t seen it yet, well consider yourself a rarity, since 13 million people tuned in to watch the Disney Channel Original Movie‘s premiere across six different networks. Pretty incredible, right? It now has the record for the second most watched DCOM of all time, behind High School Musical 2, so safe to say rumblings of a Descendants 3 movie possibly happening are all good signs of what’s to come. But there seems to be one scene that didn’t make it into the final version, at least from what we saw. And it’s all about a massive smooch between two characters you never expected: Harry Hook and Gil!

Thomas Doherty, who plays Harry, and Dylan Playfair, who plays Gil, both took to Instagram to share a photo of a scene that didn’t air in the final version of the movie but tbh, would’ve been amazing to see. Harry plants a big kiss right on Gil!

harry and gil descendants 2 kiss

“A truly, inspiringly, beautiful human being,” Thomas wrote in his caption with Dylan writing in his how this photo accurately portrays what the vibes were like on set between him and our dear Tommy. “An accurate representation of my year to date…#descendants2 #love #Magic.”

So what does this all mean? Well, probably not much when it comes to the actual story of D2. If anything, it shows us just how close the cast is! They all obviously got along so well and there was plenty of goofing around going down on set, that’s for sure. IRL, Thomas is dating their other co-star Dove Cameron, but hey there’s a chance he found love with Dylan too. At least in the BFF, we’ll always be fam for life way. These two were part of Uma’s pirate squad and along with China Anne McClain, this trio clearly has such a strong bond. And who knows, maybe Harry and Gill will fall in love in the next movie! Or perhaps Harry and Uma because you know, they both have that mutual disdain for Mal, King Ben and the other VKs, so maybe they’ll get their own type of happily ever after.

harry and uma

There was tons of romance in this movie, with all the sweet moments and kisses between Mal and Ben, that tension between Mal and Harry and Carlos finally getting up the nerve to ask Jane to be his date to Cotillion. Looks like all of the characters have some sort of romantic connection and we are here for all of it. We’ll just have to wait and see if there’s another chapter and what will happen next since it’s clear it’s not quite the end of the story just yet.

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