Camila Cabello has been living her life to the fullest since she left Fifth Harmony and she has been writing and spending time in the studio while sharing every moment with fans. She even recently shared a bit of her writing on Twitter and it seems to be that the singer is slowly finding herself again.

After doing a quick search on Google, it is clear that these are not pre-existing lyrics to a song or a poem but are words straight from Camila's own writing. In the poem she talks about a girl who finds the light in herself again and feels like she is finally at home.

The "Bad Things" singer shared the photo of the writing on Twitter with a caption of just four pencil emojis:

"just as i was about to shut the door, i had to look again. Something was different about the girl staring back at me in the mirror," the post read.

"oh yes i realized. the light had crept its way back into her eye. two words slipped from her mouth 'welcome home'."

It looks like the singer is already hard at work in the studio on perhaps her solo record or more collaborations with other artists. She shared a video of her in the studio ready to record new music writing even more cryptic words as a caption.

"I lost so much more than my senses……," she wrote with the video.

She also quoted the heavily tweeted words from Meryl Streep's speech at the Golden Globe Awards that took place Sunday night that said, "take your broken heart, make it into art" and it looks like she is doing just that with her music.

It does not seem like she is at all heartbroken about leaving the band since she retweeted a photoshopped pic that Ellen Degeneres tweeted of herself with the rest of the girls and Camila responded casually and with a sense of humor.

"Man!! replaced so soon!! Ellen, you were always a better dancer than me anyway…. ????❤," she tweeted to the tv show host.

As great as Ellen is, no one can replace Camila which is why the band will be just fine with four girls. We are excited to see what else Cam shares of her new projects and how much more vulnerable she will get with her writing and her music.

Can you believe Camila is already working on new music just after she left the group? Tell us in the comments!

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