When the video came out for Taylor Swift's song "Bad Blood" featuring a long list of the hottest celebrities, everyone assumed that anyone that was in the video was officially part of the singer's famous girl squad. But there's one star in particular that says that though the word "squad" has not been tainted for her, it still separates people.

While talking to Cosmopolitan.com at an event at the Swarovski store in New York City, Hailee Steinfeld revealed how she feels about using that word. They asked if the actress still uses the word "squad" or if it has been ruined for her and she said, "It hasn't been ruined for me. I don't use it, though. I feel like it closes off."

They then proceeded to ask if there is a difference between a squad and a clique and she said: "I don't think so."

We are sure that she did not mean to shade Taylor in any way but being that the word "clique" has a negative connotation since it is meant to be exclusive and not welcoming all people, we are glad that she likes to stay open to welcoming more friends into her circle.

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