Liam Payne is no stranger to covering his body with tattoos, especially his arms, and that is not news to any real One Direction fan. It is his latest and newest ink that is grabbing headlines because it seems to be an ode to his current significant other, and possibly the mother of his child, *
Cheryl Cole.

liam payne tattoo

When fans spotted a new tattoo on the singer's arm in a recent paparazzi photo, they could not shake the thought that the eye that now sits on his left arm looks just like Cheryl's eye. The account @LiamXCheryl on Twitter shared a tweet with the images side by side saying: "NEW || Liam tattooed Cheryls eye on his arm ? "

Check out the photo below:

Some even discovered that the eye on his arm, surrounded by his many other tattoos, seems to be from the cover of his girlfriend's 2009 album 3 Words, which adds even a deeper level of sweetness if it truly is inspired by her.

cheryl cole

Liam's arms are covered in tattoos that he has gained over the years, and he is not the first guy from the band to get a permanent symbol of his love for a girl on himself. He has said in the past how his tattoos have upset his mother Karen, saying, "My mum just cries the whole time. My mum literally has not stopped crying for the past two and a half years." Then why do it again, Liam?!

Zayn Malik also had a girl who was supposed to be his then-fiancee Perrie Edwards drawn with ink on his arm, even though it was recently reported that he has since covered it up.

Since Niall Horan confirmed that a baby is on the way, their love is for sure going to last forever or at least they will be bound together because they will be their baby's parents for the rest of eternity. We are sure Liam is so in love and this tattoo comes as no surprise to those who know just how hard Liam loves those that special to him.

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