It all started early Sunday morning, when Liam Payne tweeted, “Can’t sleep.” Moments later he tweeted, “Still no luck it’s too hot.”

Next thing you know, a new One Direction song, “Steal My Girl,” was leaked ahead of its Monday release, which should have been played on Capital FM. As always, tons of Directioners noticed what had happened and the hashtag #StealMyGirlGotLeaked was trending—and still is!

Now, everyone is tweeting #LiamWeKnowItWasYou. Lol! So, Directioners do you think Liam leaked it early because he was bored and couldn’t sleep? After all, what is there to do when your “TV is broken,” as he mentioned on Twitter, and no one is up as late as you are?

liam payne tweet

Liam has yet to comment. But so many fans can’t help but blame the bandmate for the early release of the song. And their reaction is hilarious!

On twitter user wrote, “If I can’t sleep no one else will either,” while another tweeted, “When we are bored we make trends. When Liam is bored he leaks songs.”

liam payne song

Do you think Liam leaked “Steal My Girl”? Sound off in the comments below!

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