This bromance will live forever.

Ever since One Direction broke up there's been rumors that the boys don't talk anymore and have completely gone their separate ways. Even before they broke up, there were stories that they all completely despised Zayn Malik for quitting the band and trying to make it big as a solo artist.

Although the boys may not have been happy that Zayn pulled out less than a year before they were all going to go on a hiatus, that doesn't mean the previous four years as a five some meant nothing to them. The lads spent every waking moment together whether they were recording, on tour, meeting fans, traveling or just goofing around.

Once and for all, hopefully, Liam Payne has squashed the rumors that Zayn completely disappeared from their lives when he quit.

Today is Zayn's 24th birthday and Liam has actually publicly reached out to him to wish him a good day and Directioners are downright freaking out. This hasn't happened in years and it's seriously beautiful. Not only does it show that Liam was thinking of his buddy, but also that they are on cordial enough terms to show the world.

It was a simple tweet, but it's the thought that counts, right? Right. Liam wrote, "@zaynmalik Happy birthday bro! Hope all is well and you have a good day celebrating it ???."

Aww! This is amazing and it's great to see Liam contacting Zayn on such a special day. Our fingers are crossed that Zayn responds. This would make for one epic cyberspace reunion!

None of the other One Direction members have reached out to Zayn as of yet. However, there were always rumors that Zayn was the closest to Liam so this all kind of makes sense. Not only that but several months ago Liam was caught in an airport and when asked if he still spoke to Zayn, he said that he did!

Of course, we can never know for sure but history goes a long way when it comes to One Direction.

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