After months of speculation, there is finally confirmation that the Little Mix lyrics for their song "Shout Out To My Ex" were inspired by Zayn Malik. His cousin Sasha Malik tweeted out some lyrics to the song and quickly had to deleted them as fans started to be a bit outraged saying she was not being loyal to her family.

Even though she deleted the tweet, she confirmed that she had quoted the song to someone who asked her what was happening, "tweeted a lyric from a little mix song, the world kicked off."

She then apologized for tweeting the song and revealing that it was in fact about her famous cousin, "apologies to those genuinely offended by my tweet. I understand that it was easily misunderstood. no shade though, ever. ✌?️"

sasha malik tweets zayn

"However, I will not hate on a person for having a past with a relative of mine. both of them have now moved on. the world should too."

She then said that she does not even think of the ex-One Direction singer when she hears the song. "The fact that the song is about zayn doesn't cross my mind when I listen to it. to me, it's just a song," she wrote.

Fans were upset in her mentions, saying that she is not being loyal to her cousin.

Meanwhile, Zayn looks to be totally unbothered by this and most likely unaware since he posted the cutest selfie of him with his current girlfriend Gigi Hadid on Instagram who allegedly inspired the beginning of the lyrics that say, "Heard he in love with some other chick/Yeah yeah, that hurt me, I'll admit/Forget that boy, I'm over it."

zayn gigi

We sure hope that Zayn's cousin did not mean any harm by this and that she just genuinely enjoys the song, even though to some it might clearly be talking badly about her own family member.

Watch the video to the song below:

Do you think it Sasha was throwing shade by posting Little Mix lyrics or does she simply just enjoy the song? Tell us in the comments.

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