Selena Gomez is turning heads again and this time it has nothing to do with her love life!

The "Hands to Myself" singer changed her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile to a photo of herself that could potentially be the cover of her next album. No one is exactly sure if this is really the case, but she does have a way of surprising her fans.

So what does this photo in question look like? It's dark, features half of Selena's face and totally artsy. If this doesn't have to do with new music or a potential album of hers dropping then we would be totally shocked.

selena cover

How amazing does she look?? Because she changed all of her profile pictures to this, it feels like she's trying to tell her fans something. Selena, we hear you!

However, this isn't the first clue that the songstress could be dropping something major. The world knows she's been in the studio. She posted a video on Instagram dancing and singing to her friend's newest single. Selena looked happier than ever but we couldn't help but wonder if she was in the studio recording her own tracks as well.

Then, it finally happened. She registered a new song, "It Ain't Me" and that's when people really started to freak out. She unveiled a 10-second clip of the song on her Instagram story and the Internet basically exploded. The lyrics led everyone to believe that the song was about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Can you imagine?!

When she released part of the song on Instagram, the words can be heard saying, "I had a dream/ We were back to 17/ Summer nights and libertines/ Never growing up."

Only time will tell if this is really her album cover and if it is – it's already incredible!

What do you think about the whole thing? Let us know in the comments below!

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