Diplo's worked with Justin Bieber, but he still called the pop star is a bit of a jerk! The DJ told Rolling Stone that he's "respectful" and makes good music, but he's not immune to some jerky tendencies.

"He'd been stuck in a rut where he has to do a certain thing because of his fan base. Guy from Disclosure texted me, 'Yo, man, that Bieber record is amazing,' and I'm like, 'Man, you would've never written that a year ago," and he's like, "I know, this is very difficult for me to text right now'," he said.


"Bieber's personal life is whatever it is — he's a rich kid and he's pretty much gonna have to be a jerk. But he's respectful to me, and he has that weird gene where he's good at everything: better at basketball than me, better at drums. For us it's more like an art project where you utilize his voice."

Since they've worked on "Where Are Ü Now" together, he probably knows Justin well! But we're a little shocked that he's being so blunt. Diplo has also gotten into fights with Taylor Swift, so he's not afraid of speaking his mind. At least it sounds like he still has an overall nice opinion of Justin and his new musical style!

Do you think that Diplo and Justin have some beef? Let us know in the comments!

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