Disney Channel is gearing up for the premiere of their newest original movie, Spin.

Set to air via Disney Channel on Friday, August 13, the highly anticipated flick follows the story of an Indian American teenager named Rhea who realizes that her dream is to become a DJ. Rhea finds her passion in creating mixes that combine her South Asian culture and the world around her. After falling for another aspiring DJ named Max, Rhea’s entire world changes. Before, she focused on school, being a member of the coding club and her family and their Indian restaurant. Now, she finds the drive to fulfill her innermost desire and starts producing music.

Avantika Vandanapu stars as main character Rhea and is joined by Aryan Simhadri, Michael Bishop, Anna Cathcart, Jahbril Cook and Kerri Medders.

“My mind has just started to wrap around the fact that I have this opportunity. The opportunity to live out every kid’s fantasy of starring in a Disney Channel movie. It makes me incredibly excited for the future of myself and, especially, the young girls who will watch this movie,” Avantika told Entertainment Tonight in a March 2021 interview. “This movie has been several years in the making and I have been associated with the process (both directly and indirectly). So to finally see this impactful story coming to fruition, is a dream come true. No other way to put it. I’m so eager to have this movie out in the world — as a reminder for young Indian girls, and anyone really, to follow their aspirations.”

Upon its premiere, Spin will be the first Indian American movie on Disney Channel. Reflecting on this, Avantika told ET that it’s “so surreal” while the film’s director, Manjari Makijany, noted that it’s “an honor and privilege.”

Spin has so much to offer to almost every individual, all the way from the ambitious adolescent to the overprotective, worried parent. If anything, I wish that viewers are inspired to surpass the limits they’ve set for themselves,” the actress also told the publication. “We as humans are our worst critics. We tend to restrict ourselves to only the possibilities we deem as feasible when, in reality, we are capable of so much more. Hopefully, after watching Spin, viewers will be motivated to venture outside of their comfort zone.”

What else has been revealed about the movie so far? Scroll through our gallery to meet the Spin cast and the characters they play!

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