Mickey Mouse Club 4ever: Disney Channel Stars Dressed Up As Other Disney Characters Is Everything

Halloween is the one day of the year you can dress up and transform into someone knew while you eat tons of candy, maybe bob for apples and dance to the "Monster Mash." Halloween is ~cool~, as we were once told in Halloweentown. And what better place to get some costume inspo than from iconic Disney movie characters? Even Disney Channel stars have gone back to their House of Mouse roots and dressed up as faves from classic movies.

From Miley Cyrus taking on a legendary Disney Princess to Cole Sprouse literally slaying our souls and bringing back the movie that is Atlantis: The Lost Empire on our radars, even Disney Channel stars past and present love a look that reminds them of the movies they loved growing up too. It's also kind of meta to see Disney Channel faves dressed up as OG Disney characters too so we're just over here being mind-blown.

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Check out the gallery below to see which DC actors channeled their Disney roots and turned into other characters you already know and love too.