Have you ever wondered which of your favorite stars would be so ready to reprise the iconic role that made them famous? You know, get Zac Efron back into Troy Bolton's basketball shorts or stick Alex Russo's magic wand into Selena Gomez's hand. All of the stars have grown up so much since that legendary television show or movie was made that no one will ever forget.

Well, now, fans might not have to wait much longer because the first step has already been taken. The editors at J-14 have found eleven stars who would actually be into rebooting their old characters! It would be totally epic if it actually happened and just hearing what they have to say about it is bringing back some serious nostalgia.

From Disney Channel to Nickelodeon, get ready for the comeback of a lifetime!

Click through the gallery and check out which stars said they wanted to get their famous characters to come to life once again!

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