Self-isolation just got a little bit more entertaining thanks to Veronica Roth. Yep, that’s right, the Divergent series author just announced her brand new dystopian novel, and it’s one you won’t want to miss!

Titled, Chosen Ones, the book follows life for Sloan Andrews — one of the “Famous Five” teenage heroes — 10 years after she saved the world from an evil force called the Dark One. Just like the Divergent books, this one will also take place in the future-like world of Chicago. According to the novel’s summary, “On the tenth anniversary of the Dark One’s defeat, something unthinkable happens: one of the Chosen Ones dies. When the others gather for the funeral, they discover the Dark One’s ultimate goal was much bigger than they, the government, or even prophecy could have foretold — bigger than the world itself.” Sounds like a total page-turner to us!

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As you may have seen in my IGTV video last week, I have a finished copy of Chosen Ones, and it is ✨ quite nice ✨. Here's another look at it, in v dramatic lighting.* * The threads on the cover have something to do with the magic in the book, which I shall not spoil. That's also the theme of this quote. The magic system in Chosen Ones has two things going on– one is sound, specifically the frequency of sound. That sound has to be produced by a person to do magic, but it can be accomplished via whistle, hum, or song. Even if you can't hear, as long as you can produce sound at particular frequencies, you can do magic.* * But there's something else that fuels magic, too: desire. Specifically, the desire for something impossible to happen. Whether that means lighting a candle with your mind or ripping a building to shreds, the specific nature of your desire, and the force of it, determine your magical skill just as much as the accuracy of your sound. And for someone like Sloane, who can't let herself want anything, who fears her own heart…well, that's kind of a problem.* * Magic is a mirror, and Sloane doesn't always like what she sees. * Happy Monday. What's your favorite magic system in a book? I'm partial to the bells in Sabriel (and the Old Kingdom books generally, by Garth Nix). 😎 #chosenones #veronicaroth #books #booksofig #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #scififantasy @hmhbooks @hmhbooksdesign

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Get this, you guys, there’s no need to wait for the book to be released because it’s out right now! Thankfully, Chosen Ones dropped on Tuesday, April 7, for readers (and Divergent fans) to enjoy. If reading isn’t your thing, not to worry because there’s also an audio book available for purchase and the entire novel is narrated by actress Dakota Fanning!

That’s not all! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film rights to Chosen Ones has already been picked up by Picturestart media company, which means there’s a movie in the works, too. So, sit back and get ready to relax, book lovers, because there’s no way you’re going to want to put this one down.

Once this novel has been read cover to cover, mark those calendars and preorder the upcoming Hunger Games prequel novel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. For those who missed it, the story of President Snow as a teenager is officially coming on May 19.

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