Ever since Dixie D’Amelio split with ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson in August, the TikTok star has been spotted cozying up to fellow influencer Noah Beck. Despite the fact that they’ve both said that they’re “besties,” fans are convinced that something more is going on between the two. After months of speculation, Both Dixie and Noah finally confirmed their relationship, and fans freaked out!

As it turned out, they actually became official on September 25. Noah popped the question to Dixie while they were on the beach and the rest is history!

“There was this lifeguard tower that we always used to sit at, and just talk and stuff,” Noah explained during a YouTube video on October 13.  “So basically, I took her to Malibu on September 25, we went to the lifeguard post and I decorated it with candles. I brought s’mores … I got some stuff out of the trunk, decorated the lifeguard post, like rose petals, candles, stuff like that. I came back when I was done decorating, walked her there, and she knew what was happening, I think. And then I just popped the question!”

Dixie told Thomas Petrou in a YouTube video uploaded on October 6, that they were “dating” one day after Noah revealed their relationship during an interview with AwesomenessTV.

“I am dating Dixie D’Amelio,” he revealed. “Dixie’s amazing, she’s an awesome girl! It’s been really fun and I’m excited for the future with her.”

As for why it took them so long to go public? Noah explained to Hollywood Fix on October 6 that they initially planned “to stay private.” He popped the question to Dixie

Rumors first started swirling that the social media stars were more than just friends after they were spotted cozying up to each other while out to dinner at Saddle Ranch Chop House in Los Angeles on August 29. But when the paparazzi asked Dixie and Noah about their rumored relationship, she responded by claiming that they were just “BFFs.” The pair was spotted out together multiple times and Noah even carried Dixie on his back during a trip to the beach. During the “Be Happy” songstress’ music video, she and Noah shared a pretty steamy kiss.

So, when did they make their love official? J-14 decided to break down their romantic relationship from the beginning. Scroll through our gallery for all the tea on Dixie and Noah’s relationship. 

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