For those who missed it, Dixie D’Amelio celebrated her 19th birthday on August 12, and thanks to her sister, Charli, the TikTok star got exactly what she wanted! Yep, in a recent YouTube video, the 16-year-old shared the full story of exactly how she secured her sister’s pretty epic $30,000 birthday gift — the limited edition Christian Dior Nike high-top sneakers.

Thanks to social media star Benjamin Kickz — who traveled to Paris and bought the extremely rare pair of shoes after he was unable to secure the shoes in the United States — Charli and her family were able to pull off the ultimate surprise. Charli also explained in the vid that she already had the idea to get the shoes before Dixie even said that was what she wanted for her birthday, so it all worked out perfectly! When it came time to give Dixie the gift, the D’Amelio’s totally pranked her. Not only did she think that she was getting a car, but the social media star was handed the Air Jordan Dior box and the shoes weren’t inside.

“I’m so confused,” Dixie said.

As it turned out, the TikTok star tried to ruin her birthday surprise more than once, so her family attempted to throw her off with fake gifts. Eventually, when they went back inside their house, the sneakers were displayed in the kitchen and Dixie was super excited.

In her own vlog, Dixie also recapped the entire birthday surprise and, get this — Charli tried to smash an entire cake in her sister’s face! Yep, but instead, the whole thing missed Dixie’s face and fell to the ground. Oops!

Following the failed surprises, Dixie told fans her family would “get over it,” then thanked her sister for the sneakers.

“Thank you Charli for the awesome gift, super dope. Cool,” she said concluding her birthday vlog.

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