Are Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck TikTok’s newest couple? Some fans sure do think so, so we decided to break down their rumored relationship once and for all!

Rumors first started to spread that they were more than friends on Saturday, August 29, when the social media stars were spotted cozying up to each other while out to dinner at Saddle Ranch Chop House in Los Angeles. But when the paparazzi asked Dixie and Noah about their rumored relationship, she responded and claimed that they were just “BFFs.”

So, from the sound of it, nothing romantic seems to be going on between these two just yet. But that didn’t stop fans from taking to social media and seriously shipping the two together.

Dixie D’Amelio [and] Noah Beck are so f**king cute together,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another added, “I’M SCREAMING. @dixiedamelio @noahbeck someone please help I’m dying.”

Hype House cofounder Thomas Petrou even responded to the possible dating rumors when he commented, “Ship,” on a TikTok video of Noah and Dixie together, according to TikTok Shaderoom.

That’s not all! According to photos posted to the TikTok Shaderoom Instagram account, it looks like Noah might have a starring role in Dixie’s upcoming music video. Yep, they posted some behind-the-scenes snaps from the upcoming visual online, which showed the “Be Happy” songstress and the influencer with their arms around each other, alongside a green screen.

During Noah and Dixie’s Saddle Ranch outing, the pair stayed pretty quiet about the upcoming project. After the paparazzi asked when the video was coming out, Dixie responded with, “I don’t know. What’s that? We don’t need to know. It’s going to be good!”

As fans know, speculation about Dixie and Noah’s relationship status came a few weeks after she confirmed her breakup with fellow TikTok star Griffin Johnson in a YouTube video.

“Hey so we actually broke up, but I had this video scheduled for today, so I’m posting it anyway,” she told fans on August 2.

Previously, some people thought Noah was dating Dixie’s sister, Charli, but at the time, he set the record straight and said, “I’m just doing me right now.”

“Who am I not shipped with right now,” the 19-year-old said to the paparazzi on July 22.

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